4 Reasons To Experience A Helicopter Flight

4 Reasons To Experience A Helicopter Flight

There’s nothing quite like a flight in a helicopter. Whether you’re heading to a holiday destination or simply taking a sightseeing tour, the feeling of gliding gracefully through the skies will stay with you for years to come. Here are some of the best reasons to take a helicopter flight.

You’re flying without wings

– unlike the unsteady climb of a plane, taking off in a helicopter is a relatively smooth affair. People who have experienced the thrill of a helicopter ride often say that the take-off feels like the helicopter is staying in place while the ground drops away!

You get an aerial tour unlike any other

– a helicopter ride offers a unique, intimate look at the world beneath you, flying low and close over your favorite landmarks and towns, while you relax in a luxuriously furnished cabin. Perhaps you’ll even see your house!

You’ll beat the traffic

– nothing puts a dampener on your plans like a motorway queue. Being trapped in a car for hours on end will leave you exhausted by the time you reach your destination. A helicopter trip is the perfect alternative – you’ll get to your desired location in record time and you’re sure to feel a little smug as you pass over gridlocked roads. This makes it an ideal travel option for major events, which tend to create serious congestion. Many larger stadiums and venues have a helipad nearby, letting you guarantee to will arrive on time.

You’ve got more freedom with takeoff and landing

– with helicopter travel, you have more options over your takeoff points, as you won’t need a runway to get up into the air. This also extends to landing points; as long as the helicopter company has permission from the land owner, it can place you pretty much anywhere, possibly even right outside your destination!

This makes helicopters a great choice for travel to areas without an airport nearby – country hotels, ski resorts, hunting lodges and other remote areas.

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