Savoury Muffin Recipe Airfryer Recipes

Savoury Muffin Recipe Airfryer Recipes

I’ll be making a savory muffin recipe using broccolis and spring onions so that is a very interesting combination so let’s quickly see and how to make this recipe if you like a recipe do share and subscribe our channel thank reading Sequoyah of God quarter cup of chopped spring onions half a cup of chopped broccoli once a show of Eno salt and these are black sesame seeds firstly you need to prepare a pattern of code and you have to keep it for at least 15 to 20 minutes for fermentation then and salt this is just like any other italy batter which you make we will mix it well this is a very very simple recipe but with a little twist now you will and he notes we’ll mix their lino.

Savoury Muffin Recipe

Well and then we will start layering in another bound add the drink salt and we have to mix complete quantity of spring onions and broccoli along with the salt now you have to grease these small thermocol cups with oil and then firstly put the broccoli and the spring onion mixture which we had prepared then we will top it with the Italy powder which we had prepared so actually we are making muffins isn’t it a different recipe and healthy one so we will give a layer of Italy butter on top of each green veggies which we had added so once your muffin cups are ready you further top it with black sesame seeds this will give a very nice effect to our muffins because the the trust of black with white will look very nice and your muffin cups aren’t already.

we have placed all our muffin cups in airfryer which we have already preheated now we will be air frying these muffins for sticks minutes first let us now open the airfryer and our muffins are ready we will take them out of the air fryer and we will keep it for cooling for some time so that we can easily take these muffins out from the muffin cups after cooling my savory muffins are now ready under looking really very tempting because you have black white and all greens so very very healthy muffin you can have it with tea so try making this healthy muffin recipe and let us have your reviews thank you

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